Exchange Server Hybrid Deployments with EOP

Exchange Server Hybrid Deployments with Exchange online protection (EOP)


High Level Deployment guide:

  1. Sign up for office 365 plane that support hybrid
  2. Configure and Deploy User Identity Solution
    1. Azure AD Connect
    2. ADFS and WAP
  3. Run Directory Synchronization
  4. Configure Hybrid Deployment Prerequisites
    1. Add primary SMTP domain to Office 365
    2. Configure Active Directory Synchronization
    3. Verify Tenant Configuration
    4. Configure DNS
      1. Configure SPF record
    5. Configure Exchange Web Services
    6. Configure Exchange Certificate
  5. Configure Hybrid Deployment
    1. Run Hybrid Configuration Wizard
  6. Finalize Deployment
    1. Create Test Mailbox
    2. Move or Create Mailbox
    3. Cutover mail flow
      1. Configure MX record Move Mail flow to Office 365
      2. Configure Auto discover Record
  7. Post-configuration tasks
    1. Configure Network Security
    2. Configure Additional remote domains
    3. Configure Remote Clients
    4. Configure client restriction and policies
      1. 250 on premises users sending email internal and external
      2. 450 users on premises sending internal email only
  8. Replace the exist Mail Gateway with Exchange online Protection (EOP) (if exsist)
  9. Configure Exchange Online Protection (EOP)
    1. Restrict the IP addresses to Office 365 only.
    2. Change the Spam Confidence Level (SCL).
    3. Configure Malware Policies
    4. Configure Spam Filtering
    5. Configure Connection Filtering
    6. Configure Outbound Spam preferences
    7. Configure the transport rules for on-premises Exchange org for handling email marked as spam by EOP.
    8. Configure Advance Threats Protection (ATP) Safe Attachment Policy
    9. Configure Advance Threats Protection (ATP) Safe links Policy
  10. Test and Health check
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