Intune High Level Depoyment



High Deployment Guide

Deployment Steps and Checklist 

  • Setting up a Microsoft Intune Account
  • Add Custom Domain
  • Configure User Identity
    • Azure AD connect
    • ADFS and WAP
  • Assign Administrator to Manage Microsoft Intune
  • Add Intune Users
    • Create Manually
    • Synchronize users for AD
  • Assign Intune license
  • Create Intune Groups
    • Users
    • Devices
  • Configure Security Groups
  • Configure Mobile Devices Management (MDM) Authority
  • Enable Device platforms
  • Create Mobile Management Policies
    • Compliance Policies
    • Configuration Policies
    • Conditional Access policies
  • Add and Deploy Resource Profiles
  • Configure Manage Computers using Intune
    • Install Intune Company Portal
    • Manage Computer Remotely
    • Manage user Device linking
    • Configure Remote Assistance
  • Deploy and configure Applications with Intune
    • Configure Applications
    • Deploy Applications
    • Monitor Application
  • Configure Mobile Applications Management Policies (MAM)
    • Control Applications using MAM
    • User MAM without MDM
  • Configure Alerts, Notifications, and Reports
  • Enroll Mobile Devices in Intune
  • Configure Custom Company Portal
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