Exchange Online Protection (EOP)

Exchange Online Protection (EOP)


Advance threats Protections (ATP)


High Level Deployments

  1. Sign up for the EOP service.
  2. Add and verify primary SMTP domain to Office 365
  3. Create /sync the users and configure domain type
  4. Build the Outbound Connector.
  5. Build the Inbound Connector.
  6. Change the MX records.
  7. Point the on premise mail connector to the Office 365 smart host.
  8. Restrict the IP addresses to Office 365 only.
  9. Change the Spam Confidence Level (SCL).
  10. Configure Malware Policies
  11. Configure Spam Filtering
  12. Configure Connection Filtering
  13. Configure Outbound Spam preferences
  14. Configure the transport rules for on-premises Exchange org for handling email marked as spam by EOP.


  1. Configure ATP Safe Attachments Policy
  2. Configure ATP Safe links Policy
  3. Configure exchange send connector “smart host”
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