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Microsoft Azure Cloud

IT4B brilliance in improving business models mainly comes on the back of its extensive approach to help accelerate your value from Azure, by aligning to your unique business and IT needs and building a modernization roadmap, forming the basis of a multi-year partnership with Microsoft.We carry more experience in Azure development and deployment than any other cloud service provider in Saudi Arabia. This superiority is highlighted by the fact that we have the most Microsoft Certified Professionals in the region. Whether you need hardware, middleware, applications, or adapt to the latest IT trends, IT4BSA can install and configure all four types of Azure’s services: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Serverless.


Azure Products and Services

What can you do with Microsoft Azure?



Run virtual machines or containers



Utilize Windows Servers and other third-party applications to host your infrastructure



Use server-less relational and non-relational DBs to host databases in the cloud


Microsoft Azure Benefits


Microsoft On premise


Active Directory
      Design and Architect Exchange Environment
      Deployment, upgrade, and Migration for
      Domain Services
                     Forests, trees, and domains
                    Organizational units
                    Shadow groups
                    Security Baseline Domain Controller Policy


  • DNS
  • NTP and Times Servers
  • Key Management Services
  • Exchange Mail Services
  • DHCP and IPAM
  • Windows Update Services
  • Federation Services


  • Exchange mail Services

  • Design and Architect Exchange Environment

  • Deployment, upgrade, and Migration for
        Mailbox servers
        Edge Transport
  • High Availability
       Mailbox high availability
      Transport high availability
      Client Access protocol

  • Public Key Infrastructure
       Two Tier Hierarchy

  • System Center
       Configuration manager
       Operation manager

  • SQL Infrastructure
       Always On
       Failover Cluster

    Windows Server, Client: